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22 April 2016 - Masdar City - (1530)

Masdar documentary at Curiosity Stream website

Masdar City at WikiPedia website

The Masdar website

I congratulate the people of the United Arab Emirates and Abu Dhabi and Masdar City upon their foresight and commitment to plan and build towards their future without fossil fuels; I only wish that my own country and the world at large were so realistic and dedicated to our collective future.

A few nights ago, I watched the Masdar documentary mentioned above. I am excited and optimistic regarding this sustainable development project because it contains so many desirable features, such as the prerequisite financial resources for successful completion, leadership and workforce dedicated to its success, brilliant and state of the art architectural and engineering design and development.

My hope and desire in sharing this information with you: that it contributes to our "grassroots efforts" for promotion and furtherance of this and similar projects that help to create the best possible global future.

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"A man has cause for regret only when he sows and no one reaps."
- Charles Goodyear

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