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10 May 2016 - My Little World - (1535)

The photo is 24 bits/pixel, 3264 wide, 2448 high, and 989750 bytes. The photo has been "balanced" via an option in Polyview program.
I intentionally uploaded a rather large photo in order to provide as much detail as possible of "my little world."

There are miles and miles of roads I've traveled before reaching this place to rest and to retire, for awhile, maybe for the duration.
I have a small niche, a studio in which to wander endlessly from thought to thought and from random interruption to random interruption.
I could be bored, at times, during this series of long-stretched episodes of doing stuff; but, naps always come to the rescue, and off I go into nod-off quiescency - naps.

From where did they come, how did they originate, those dirty spots on the carpet? I claim ownership of a few spots, from accidental drips from coffee cup, plate, spoon -
drips and drops and spots and accidents are much easier to clean, to remove... from non-carpet flooring.
I suppose I might qualify as a sloppy eater; that is why I prefer non-carpet floor coverings or floors.
Wall-to-wall carpeting, in my opinion, is the floor covering of least preference because of dust and dust mites and pollen and other unhealthy stuff that seems to always hang around
to cause sickness and plague and dis-ease, etc.

Perhaps I have attained the age of "the great wind down" - as in, a clock has lost most of its function and usefulness because its spring has unwound and the clock is now gasping
its death song - a creepy, cranky, snap-crackle-pop dirge of tick-tocks which inexorably become slower and slower and... someday beyond my future... stop.

But, for now, at least for a few more endless seconds... I have sufficient spit and vinegar to muster up a frequently ridiculous display of cantankerous nonsense that no one really cares about,
much less wants to read about. Thus, spoke Zarathustra, I suppose.

Update of 11 May:

Sometimes, not often, I think that I have short-changed myself on living space and size of real estate that I control via lease, rent, ownership.
I remember the large houses I made payments on, that I lived in. I recall the brief passages of time (weeks, months, days) spent in monasteries and cloistered community.
I recall the few years that I lived within the cab and sleeping quarters of a class-8 road truck while working as an over-the-road truck driver.
I recall the few camping and hiking trips in which I back-packed just enough to keep me fed, dry and clothed.

I now think about this small hermitage in which I now live. I call it my hermitage because of its size and my desire for a repeated experience of monastic living,
but with added bonuses of the private bathroom and kitchen (ie: kitchen and bathroom are normally "common areas" within monasteries.)
Perhaps I pamper my thoughts about my habitation by calling it "my hermitage;" but doing so gives me comfort and closure with fulfilling a long-term desire of mine: to be a monk.

Perhaps there are those reading this, and otherwise, who would scoff at living in such a confined space. Confined space? Not really because it is the amount of living space
which fits my age and lifestyle "like a glove." If I really needed a large house or acreage, perhaps God would help me to have that; though, I am not wishing for either of those larger spaces.

I am happy with and grateful for what I have. I think that is the key to happiness and personal success: being happy and grateful for what I have.

How will You spend your last years on earth, and in what type of habitation? Will your habitation be very much larger or better than mine?

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"A man has cause for regret only when he sows and no one reaps."
- Charles Goodyear

Copyright 2017 by James W. Stanfield, Jr.
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