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26 May 2016 - Fat Belly Bully - (1538)

What is wrong with the maintenance men in this building? Recently, they are acting like FAT BELLY BULLY retards. I do not recall having said or done anything to them that would provoke such unfriendly and threatening behavior and comments.

Maybe they should be reminded that there are BAD-ASS invisible bullies all around them - INVISIBLE MONSTERS - that might easily chew off their pukey heads and not break a sweat.

All of this bull crap gotta originate in the female minds who think they own the residents, the building, this town.

Come on, you snivelling snoops, do your thing..!

I could give a damn if anyone likes what I have written above. I have lived the truths of what I have written. I have no control over INVISIBLE MONSTERS. I just know that they exist and are always not far from each of us.

So, go ahead you FAT BELLY BULLY... make their day..!!!

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"A man has cause for regret only when he sows and no one reaps."
- Charles Goodyear

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