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27 May 2016 - PS And GPU Upgrades - (1539)

PS And GPU Upgrades === PS is Power Supply and GPU is Graphics Processing Unit (aka graphics card).

I am often guilty of procrastinating with starting or finishing self-assigned projects. This hardware and software upgrade should have been completed at least one month ago.

I confess that part of the delay was my fear of failure and fear of screwing up my computer. Today I finally finished working through (facing my fears) and I accomplished the upgrade - swapping out parts - in 90 minutes or so.

The upgrades work as expected, hoped for.

This is the "before" view of the internals of my desktop computer. The previous upgrade I completed about three months ago is visible on the right upper side of this photo - the expansion card with the solid red backplane is the USB 3.0 expansion card which I needed to install in order to support "native speeds" for internal / external hard disk drives docked in my iDsonix USB 3.0 Dual Bay 2.5-Inch and 3.5-Inch SATA Hard Drive Docking Station.

An extra bonus of this upgrade is the elimination of the "wiring jungle" - my opinion of the wires used to connect various components to the power supply. The upgrade requires the equivalent pieces of wiring and connectors, but the upgrade wiring harnesses are less intrusive, less visibly displeasing, and fewer in quantity of wires because the new power supply allows for the inclusion of only wiring required for the installed components, whereas the old power supply bundled several additional extra "might be needed someday" wiring harnesses that were "hard wired" (eg: physically attached) to the old power supply. The new power supply came with several spare wiring harnesses that I might eventually use by simply adding only what is needed wiring-wise with a future component upgrade.

I was concerned about the "form factor" compatibility between the old and new power supplies. This photo shows the difference in height - the new power supply is shorter, but the mounting holes in the new power supply perfectly align with pre-existing alternative mounting holes in the desktop's mounting bracket for the power supply. Notice that the manufacturer used a minimum quantity of hard-wired wiring harnesses by incorporating several "use as needed" plug-in receptacles on one side of the new power supply for use with additional wiring harnesses, if and when needed, thereby reducing the "standing room" clutter within the desktop's interior.

I am a happy camper - owner of this beautiful new power supply. Did I mention that upgrading the power supply increases the voltage available for motherboard and add-on components from 250 watts to 750 watts? The new GPU card has a much larger cooling fan, and the fan has its own dc-power tap onboard the GPU card (eg: the GPU generates dc power for the onboard fan).

The above photo shows the new wiring harnesses installed and the old wiring harnesses "walking the plank." I have not secured the loose lengths of each wiring harness via short pieces of black "twist-um" wire. It is always a good idea to minimize the amount of loose wiring within an electrical cabinet, to minimize the risk of wiring touching very hot components or wiring damaged via abrasion and loss of insulation sheathing.

The above photo shows the new power supply installed in the desktop's interior and the "ship shape" (e.g., lose sections of each wiring harness has been secured with twist-um ties) wiring harnesses.

The above photo shows the desktop's backplane with upgrades of the new power supply, the USB 3.0 expansion card, and the new GPU (graphics controller expansion card.) There are three types of output connector on the GPU backplane. The middle connector is for HDMI (eg: High-Definition MultiMedia Interface) output, which is the immediate need for the new GPU - to connect my desktop to my 40-inch high definition HDMI television - via cable. Note: One day I hope to install a wireless HDMI send-receive system; but, for now, my existing 20-foot HDMI cable will do just fine.

I plan to use one of my anti-static mats between my recliner sofa and the television entertainment console, to protect the HDMI cable and an extension cable for my stereo headphones that will connect my desktop to the television. Next month I hope to purchase a section of "runner" rug to lay between the sofa and the television entertainment console, to hide the anti-static mat and a few yucky black spots on the apartment's tan carpet - evidently caused by accidental drops of liquid from my meals that I consumed at the sofa.

The new power supply @ amazon.com

The new GPU @ amazon.com

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"A man has cause for regret only when he sows and no one reaps."
- Charles Goodyear

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