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29 May 2016 - Work Station New Location - (1540)

My studio apartment reveals the aftermath of last night's "mad dash" to relocate my computer workstation to its new location. Basically, the major adjustments have been made,
with cosmetic "suitable for Sunday company" tweaks and refinements in the pipeline - asap.

Users of Windows 10 and the Chrome browser might notice familiar layouts and buttons. My task tray and bookmark bar might contain a few unusual icons and buttons -
evidence of my quite frequent use of online everything, plus evidence of a few software developer dodads.

Now I can watch tv and movies and documentaries on my tv, with sound piped from my desktop computer to my brain via Sennheiser stereo headphones, and video piped to my tv.

Shown on my tv is the CuriosityStream.com website. I interrupted viewing the documentary series Naturopolis in order to satisfy my compulsive desire to share these photos and blog post with you.

Another photo of the entertainment center and my size ten feet - feet that have successfully endured, survived, almost 69 years of abuse, sporadic injury, haphazard care, and attention,
and minimal maintenance.

From my "cockpit" powered-recliner control station. I hope and plan to accomplish a significant quantity of writing and software development while enjoying a feet-elevated posture
and enlarged text (which eases visual strain upon my aging eyes.)

I need to figure out a better location for my coffee cup - not a smart idea to rest the cup atop an electronics cabinet.

Yikes..! Temptation..! The control panel for the AMD Gaming Evolved software, as displayed in front of the Windows 10 desktop background photo. I have thus far, for several decades,
resisted the temptation to do a belly-flop plunge into the world of online gaming; however this software that was installed as a part of the new GPU package might prove irresistible.

I am never far away, in either thought or place, from reminders of my preference for, a predilection for, an eremitic and monastic lifestyle.

The hand-carved wooden statue on the bookshelf behind me is one of my favorite mementos from a time in my life in which I lived, for at least a little while, in cloistered environments, monasteries;
my small studio apartment must suffice as rough-draft analog.

http://www.amazon.com/Who-Designed-Designer-Rediscovered-Existence/dp/1586179691 @ amazon.com

You might find this little book (250 pages) very entertaining and informative and satisfying.

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"A man has cause for regret only when he sows and no one reaps."
- Charles Goodyear

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