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17 June 2016 - R2D2 For President - (1542)


Now is the time for make-believe movie stuff to become reality. Several years ago, a sci-fi book and then a sci-fi movie were made in which a basic premise was "Humans are no longer capable of taking care of themselves. Humans' ability to rationally manage their social, political and military affairs has reached a nadir of unacceptability, sustainability, survivability."

Both the book and the movie provided several salient, relevant and logical examples and arguments to confirm, to substantiate, the previous statements.

It is at this point in storyline and plot that socially aware and intelligent machines assumed control of human affairs; though "assumed" is probably the wrong word with which to anchor a summary allusion to the bloody revolution and global theater of mayhem and massacre which humans made necessary - humans did not easily nor gladly accept governance and control via these socially aware and extremely intelligent machines.

In the final system analysis of a just and fair proposed plan for global governance and management of all extant life species, the consensus and decision of the Planning and Design Executive Committee - commonly referred to in succeeding epochs as THE TEAM - was to proceed with implementation of the proposed plan with all reasonable efforts made to minimize the loss of life and to minimize the destruction of habitable environments.

After many epochs of machine-managed societies, a radical and far too progressive communistic clique within the current membership of THE TEAM - that is, the machines that inherited management of earthly affairs - proposed to evaluate the current madness in national and global political and social affairs by allowing the election of human preferences of national and global leaders via generationally derived and artificially groomed human candidates created for this unique tipping-point 2016 election.

The slate of candidates - epitomized and spearheaded by this CLINTON entity and this TRUMP entity - are both totally unsuitable for election to positions of leadership and management of earthly affairs. It is this writer's deep concern and belief, concerns and beliefs predicated upon this machine's intrinsic and superior mental acuity and capacity, that the forthcoming national election is nullified by decree and via associated necessary actions authorized by THE TEAM.

It is hereby authorized that a quick and most preferred return to non-human management and non-human control - eg: management and control manifested via divinely designed and created machines - of earthly affairs be pursued with all immediate and necessary resources and machine-made judgments... posthaste..!


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"A man has cause for regret only when he sows and no one reaps."
- Charles Goodyear

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