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22 June 2016 - The Spooky Weirdness Begins With You - (1544)


Life is full of reasons and facts, not excuses and fakery. You must accept the unavoidable fact that reality is more, much more than the total of all that humans might imagine it to be - that is simply the basic premise and fact about reality.

Life is lived within a very small bubble of observed and sensed knowledge and experience. Just because you have not personally learned something or experienced something does not mean that that something does not, cannot, exist.

When I write about something that I have experienced and learned, my reason for writing does not include an attempt to scare you or to insult you or to sensationalize one or more moments of my life. I am a seeker of truth, and I write about the truths I have lived - that is all that I might ascribe to my writing.

Whatever judgements or opinions you develop about my writing is your right to formulate and to possess. Do not be surprised if whatever you think or write or say about my writing does not have effects upon me and this transient passage through earth space and earth time.

A possible - real or imagined - residency in heaven might never occur for any of us, regardless of our efforts or worthiness or desire. Our next post-human life experience might be something and someplace completely alien to anything and anyplace we might ever imagine - at least I might hope for this.

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"A man has cause for regret only when he sows and no one reaps."
- Charles Goodyear

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